New Jersey Car Donation - We All Benefit!

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New Jersey kids need us like never before. Some of these kids are in desperate need of medical care, shelter, warm meals, education, and love. A good percentage are currently living on our New Jersey streets, eating out of trash bins and fearing for their very safety. You and I can help by donating to a New Jersey car donation charity, but we must act fast.

By no means is it my intention to bring you down or "bum you out." Instead, I would like to uplift you. I'd love to let you know that there is hope for these kids, and that you and I have direct control over changing the lives of our sick, hungry, and homeless New Jersey children.

Moreover, I want to motivate you by letting you know that while donating your unwanted vehicle is undoubtedly a selfless act that you can feel wonderful, there are additional rewards to you that make the whole experience just that much more satisfying. We'll get to those in a moment. Before we do, however, I want to tug on your heart strings just a little more. (I guess I'm kind of mean like that!) But seriously...

Take a moment to visualize not these kids, but your own. If you don't have kids, I'm sure someone you love does, and I'm sure you love that child or those children quite a bit. Now imagine your son or daughter somehow becoming displaced, and ending up on the street. And some monster introduces him or her to crystal meth, and makes them do unimaginable things to "earn their keep."

Maybe your child eats out of dumpsters, begging for spare change, and suffering from unspeakable diseases, with no medical care in sight. Hard to take, isn't it? It makes you want to jump right into that image, grab your child up with a big hug and kiss, and take him or home immediately, where a hot meal and loving family awaits. At least, that's how it affects me when I do this harsh, but powerful exercise.

Unfortunately, most of these children don't have parents to come to their rescue. They lost theirs to drugs, crime, and death. Many of these kids wouldn't even recognize their real parents if they saw them. Sadly, this is by no means a rare situation. It affects our (yes, I call them ours) children by the hundreds... no, by the thousands. I hope you truly understand the magnitude of what's going on here. And this isn't some 3rd world country we're talking about. It's New Jersey.

Alright, alright! So what do I need to do?

That is the $100,000 question. And the answer is incredibly simple. Donate. Offer your unwanted automobile, RV, motorcycle, boat... or whatever. Just donate. The New Jersey car donation charity you donate to will use the proceeds to find homes, educational opportunities, hot meals, nice families, and much-needed medical care for our New Jersey children. If this doesn't give you a good night's sleep, I don't know what will!

I want to help, but is anything in it for me?

There is definitely no shame in wanting a little something in return for your contribution. I know some people feel guilty asking this question, but they really don't need to. It's natural for us to want to be rewarded... and we deserve to be!

Yes, you do receive the benefit getting rid of something that has just been taking up room in your driveway. And it's nice to know that there is no manual labor involved on your part, because the charity will actually send a tow truck to take that vehicle out of your hair for you. But let's get right down to brass tacks here. Will you get any money? Well, kind of.

You are not paid directly by the charity, but rather by your good old Uncle Sam! You will likely receive the largest tax deduction that the law will allow, and this can very feasibly even exceed the value of the vehicle you donated! This has happened many, many times, and it is an excellent SECONDARY reason to get involved today!
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New Jersey Car Donation - We All Benefit!

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This article was published on 2010/11/06